Better Inventory Management For WooCommerce

We help WooCommerce store owners make smarter inventory management decisions.


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Why You Need A Smarter Inventory Management Tool

As you pass certain milestones, tracking your inventory becomes more complex and there’s often more to the story than just a number on the product screen in WooCommerce.

Inventoroo helps you solve those tricky inventory management problems that, as you grow, become more important.

Centralized inventory management

Track your inventory all in one place and have one source of truth. Even with multiple stores.

Eliminate “eye-balling” low stock

Stop “eye-balling” to see if you need to reorder stock. Smart notifications let you know exactly the right time to order.

Simplify annoying stocktakes

Stocktake is a necessary part of inventory management. This makes them way easier.

Track ALL of your inventory

A product is rarely just a product. Track the bag it goes in, the instruction card, everything!

Purchase orders & cost tracking

It's important to communicate well with your suppliers. Create purchase orders and track costs as goods come in.

+ lots more intelligent inventory tools!

Advanced modules for doing more than just straight up inventory. Lets get busy!

Launching Soon

Over the coming months we’ll be releasing bits & pieces of Inventoroo and we’ll be seeking feedback and input from our potential users, the WooCommerce store owners that would use us on a daily basis, to help guide and shape the product.

If you want to be kept up to date and potentially be one of those first lucky store owners to use Inventoroo leave your name and email below and we will stay in touch.

We highly value your privacy and do not share your information with 3rd parties.