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Back at the end of 2018, our company Rymera Web Co was growing well. We even had a few ideas about where we might be heading and what kind of impact we’d love to create.

Around that time I remember asking the question “Who are we, as a company, really serving?”

At the time 80%+ of our business was coming from just one product line, Wholesale Suite, our suite of tools aimed at store owners that wanted to add wholesale sales to their WooCommerce stores.

Overwhelming evidence said that our main customers were store owners.

The following few months I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a plan for where we wanted to go next based on that.

We cleaned house, refocused our energy into only the products we owned that were aimed at store owners and started a process to sell off the other parts of our business that weren’t in line with that focus.

Next came the big question “What do we want to build to grow us into the next 10 years?”

We ran surveys, we talked to our customers and we thought a LOT about what we were good at and where we could make a meaningful contribution.

There were a couple of standouts but the one we settled on and felt we could make the most impact on is the situation of inventory in WooCommerce.

For a long time I’ve been battling with the ideas around inventory, a few being:

  1. How does one track what goes into the making of a product?
  2. When you start doing a decent certain sales volume, how do you know what you need to order who and when? Especially when the product you’re selling is actually a composition of a bunch of items?
  3. What happens when you have a few WooCommerce stores and you want a central place to see what’s happening with your stock levels?

We love WooCommerce and think it has an amazing ecosystem. There are loads of talented store owners running multi-million dollar businesses that rely on it every single day.

We also believe that solving these inventory problems are a job for the WooCommerce core, which at its heart, is a sales system.

These are the kinds of problems we’re really excited to solve with our inventory management tool Inventoroo. We want to solve them for the WooCommerce community.

We're Solving Inventory For WooCommerce


Over the coming months Inventoroo will be taking shape.

If you want to be kept up to date with all the Inventoroo news leave your name and email below and we will stay in touch.

All data is kept strictly commercial in confidence. We highly value your privacy and do not share your information with 3rd parties.

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